KaZARDI Vision

Improved livelihoods of the farming communities in SWHAEZ

KaZARDI Mission

To improve farming systems and livelihoods in the SWHAEZ through conducting strategic, applied and adaptive research on priority commodities


Integrity, Transparency, Teamwork, Adherence to work plan, Security, Political will.

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Know this about Goats.

Remember that in a communal goat house, goats must be hornless or be de-horned; otherwise they are likely to injure each other during the establishment hierarchy in the flock.

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Sorghum Improvement

This is both a cash and food crop in Kigezi and it is a traditional crop with a strong cultural attachment among population. Active planting season is between December and January and harvested between July and August each year.

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KaZARDI has evaluated 33 lines of sorghum for highland tolerance and so far 6 promising lines have been selected for release. These varieties include; E 1291, Ndamoga, Shokani, MB 29, MB 30 and MB 27, and are being evaluated against local check variety Kyatanombe.

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We train small-scale fish farmers, emerging commercial fish farmers in both stocked community water reservoirs and minor lakes. There are an estimated 20 ponds under our KaZARDI Acquaculture project with an average surface area of 500 m² per fish pond.