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Potato is an important crop for both food and income security in Uganda. The crop is grown by over 300,000 smallholder farmers that produce about 689,000 tons on 101,000 hectares per year.


Some of the achievements under potato research

•     Four potato advanced clones for resistance to late blight disease and yielding 20.0-28.0 t/ha have been identified and are to be released as commercial varieties in 2015.

•     Varieties with high yield and resistance to late blight and excellent processing qualities have been promoted

•     Seed potato production using aeroponics technology has eased the production of pre basic seed potato uptake pathways in Uganda.

•     Seed  plot  techniques  have  improved  the  efficiency  of  smallholder  farmers  in  the production of clean planting materials


Temperate Fruits

A total of 24 varieties have been introduced for evaluation for adaptability and fruit yield in

Uganda since 1999. So far, two varieties namely Golden Dorset and Anna have been released and promoted in the country. The thrust of research has been developing apple varieties with resistance to pest and diseases and outline best management practices for enhanced apple productivity in Uganda.


Some of the achievements under temperate fruits research

  • Two apple varieties; “Anna and Golden Dorset” have been officially released.

·         Two pear varieties Taiwan Hybrid” and Naspal” that are high yielding, adapting to local conditions and with good culinary qualities have been selected but undergoing field testing.

·         More promising candidate apple varieties for both highland and mid-altitude zones are being evaluated and so far Winter Banana, Rome beauty, James Grieves, among others have been identified with potential in mid altitude environments while Mayae, Sharp early, Michael and Shilomit are also of great potential.


  • Candidate fungicides for controlling white powdery mildew and apple scab have been identified and undergoing field testing. Fungicides for controlling white powdery mildew include Nimrod (45mls per 15 liters of water), Thiovite, Benlet, Benomyl (these three you use 3-4 table spoons per 15 liters of water) and fungicides for apple scab include Ridomil, Agrolyxil and Diathane (these three you use 3-4 table spoons per 15 liters of water.


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