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Sorghum and Rice

Sorghum and upland rice are important cash and food crops grown by farmers in SWHAEZ but with constraints that are being addressed by research. Sorghum is a traditional crop cultivated by most farmers in South-western Uganda. Invariably, sorghum has a strong cultural attachment among population in the zone. Currently KAZARDI is addressing challenges related to agronomic practices such as inadequate soil nutrient management technologies and variety mixtures.

Some of the achievements under Sorghum and Rice research




·   Three candidate varieties of sorghum are ready for release.  These varieties include; HSO/03/016, HSO/03/017 and HSO/03/023.  These  varieties  yield  up  to  6  tons  per hectare,  they  are  good  for  porridge  production,  they  are  early  maturing,  short  and resistant to leaf diseases.

·         Other six varieties of sorghum have been identified as early maturing, short and with yielding capacity of 3-4 tons per hectare.





  • NERICA 4 yields higher compared to other varieties. It yields 4 – 5 tons per hectare
  • NERICA 6, 14 and 18 are also performing well in the zone. They yield between 3 – 4 tons per hectare.
  • One CHOMRONG DHAN has been identified as a cold tolerant variety and it is going to be multiplied further.


What rice varieties are you planting? Make sure that you use the right variety to maximize the benefit from your environment.

Improved practices, High impact, that is what we promote

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Which Millet Variety have you planted? .

Always choose the right plant variety for the best results

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Managing pests in cereals

A write up is provided on how to deal with Pests in cereals.

Protecting your investment with the right set of approaches is.

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ICT in Agriculture
Saturday, 11 February 2017
Information and communication technology in agriculture (ICT in agriculture), also known as e-agriculture, is developing and applying innovative ways to use ICTs in the rural domain, with a primary...
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Which Cereals to grow?

The SWHAEZ region is suitable for growing  Rice → Maize → Millet → Sorghum.

You can  therefore chose whatever best suites your preparation. it always pays to observe best practices for  maximum yield.

Soil management

Don't foget to ensure recommended spacing.

Most farmers end up wasting seed by planting too much then losing time thinning.

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Managing pests

good yields don't neglect pest management control pestsfor higher margins.

Ensure that you carry out crop rotation to break the pest cycle

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What are cereals?

Millet, Rice and Wheat  are important cereals in our region.

Cereals are a major food staple not only in Uganda but the world

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