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History of Kazardi

Kachwekano Zonal Agricultural and Research Development Institute (KaZARDI) started in 1934 under the colonial rule. It started as an institute to equip the local chiefs with agricultural skills, who would later be passed on to the locals.

In 1944, the ‘merino’ sheep was introduced but failed after three years. The exotic cattle were also introduced in the same year.

During independence, in 1962, the institute was transferred to then Ministry of Agriculture as a farm school. By that time it started training extension workers who would join after completing their Ordinary (‘O’) level education.

In 1990, the farm school transformed into an Agricultural research and development center (ARDC) only focusing on adaptive research.

In 1999, National Agricultural Research Organization(NARO) took over making it a Zonal Agricultural research and development institute (ZARDI) hence forth, KaZARDI, to carry out fully fledged research  to suit the south western highland agro-ecological zone (SWHAEZ)


ICT in Agriculture
Saturday, 11 February 2017
Information and communication technology in agriculture (ICT in agriculture), also known as e-agriculture, is developing and applying innovative ways to use ICTs in the rural domain, with a primary...
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