Functions and key Roles

  • Generating up-to-date information that reflects research and development needs of the people and farming systems in the zone. Such information is then used for re-designing the agricultural research agenda to cater for the dynamism in people?s interests, constraints and emerging enterprise market opportunities.

    Developing technologies, practices, and tools for use by producers, processors and traders in order to continuously improve the farming systems productivity and it?s agro-enterprise competitiveness.

    Building and promoting partnerships with other NARO institutes, CSO?s, local government and private sector organizations for generating and implementing research agenda with the purpose of enhancing quick technology development, adoption and dissemination.

    Promotion of foundation ?seed? (planting and stocking materials) of priority crop types, varieties and livestock species.
    Promotion, through uptake pathways (e.g NAADS, conventional extension, NGOs, CBO?s) of proven technologies and research products.